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Applying Social Media to Customer Service

A key feature of social customer care is that it goes beyond responding to the customer. It also addresses anyone who may see the exchanges. Its effectiveness lies in increasing brand loyalty and sales. A quick response to a customer’s tweet or post gives the company a shout-out and free advertising. It can also enforce brand loyalty and a positive image of the company. In addition, social customer service allows businesses to monitor their social media activity, measure results, and identify trends.

When applying social media to customer service, companies should determine how much they expect to use the platform. If it’s a casual social media user, companies may not need formal support. A team of one or two reps can monitor the platform. For more frequent users, companies may want to dedicate a team to monitor the social media channels. But to maximize customer satisfaction, social media should be used to engage customers and educate them on the benefits of the product or service.

Social media customers have become impatient, and brands must respond quickly. It’s critical to understand why customers are dissatisfied with a product or service, and how to address the problem. Asking customers for feedback can help brands understand the concerns of customers and make improvements. Brands must monitor customer feedback on a regular basis and keep track of metrics that influence the quality of social media customer service.

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