Breast augmentation surgery with 6 popular silicone sizes

for breast augmentation surgery for women That the first thing we should know beforehand is where we will do the breasts, where is it, how much does it cost, and includes the type of breast augmentation, whether it’s augmentation with your own fat or augmentation with silicone, especially silicone. must note that What size do we fit?

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Nowadays, women are very popular with breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is safer Whether it’s upsizing, reshaping, adding a size, or even correcting various bust problems, breast augmentation surgery to correct the shape and increase the bust to the size and shape you want. with medical standard materials by a specialist surgeon because when you have a bust size And the right shape will encourage you to stay in shape. and sexy proportions increase attractiveness to the opposite sex Breast augmentation surgery is now widely performed. and with special techniques of plastic surgeons Able to enhance the breasts to suit the body appropriately.

How to choose the size of silicone breast implants, how many sizes, how many CCs and how are they different?

For girls who have enough milk in moderation May use low-shape silicone which will increase the breast breasts look closer The girl with less meat and has a fairly wide chest base It may be worn as a tall shape because the breast enhancement will make the breast look more natural.

Choosing the right silicone depends on many factors. The surgeon will use the assessment of each person’s body to analyze and recommend the appropriate type and size of silicone. How many CC patients should breast augmentation, which size fits the body The most popular sizes are 250CC , 275CC , 300CC , 325CC 350CC and 375CC.

The main factors of choosing a silicone breast implant size are:

  • The height and width of the body.
  • Characteristics of the original breast meat such as sagging. skin thickness and fat around the chest

How do you choose a size!! Sizes that are normally added to customers range from 200-375 cc.

Asians do not have large structures. shoulders are not wide The chest wall is not large. If the issue of safety is pretty good this size is fit depending on the needs of the patient but must be based on safety and no problems after surgery which the doctor will assess from the body And give details to each patient that they can choose what size to wear. And how will the results be different? The choice of size depends on many factors, including height, shoulder width. including breast meat. Is there enough to support the silicone? If the breast meat is less but adds a lot When you feel it, you may find a silicone edge. make it look unnatural If the patient is small but the extra size is too large, it will look disproportionate. Therefore, the doctor will really assess the individual’s physique.

silicone placement

  1. Place under the muscle. Placing the silicone under the pectoral muscles will look as natural as possible. Suitable for people with small breasts. After placing it, the edge of the silicone bag is not visible. When you touch it, you can feel the breasts fully. Because the silicone bag is hidden under the muscle. Under-muscle augmentation can be quite painful in the early stages. But it will reduce the chance of fibrosis as well. Most Thai people have less breast meat. Therefore, supplementation in this position is the most suitable option.
  2. Place over the muscles. This positioning of silicone is suitable for people with moderate breast tissue. Not suitable for thin people because the breast area is less. The thinner the skin, the more likely it is to see the silicone more clearly. will look unnatural Although placing the silicone over the muscle is less painful than placing it under the muscle, But this position has a high chance of developing fascia if massage is not good.
  3. Place the silicone semi-under the Dual Plane muscle – it combines the advantages of each breast augmentation technique together in one way. However, the breast augmentation above the muscle or under the muscle There will be unique advantages that are different. Making Dual Planes is to bring the advantages of both techniques together. Dual Plane is the top of the silicone. will be obscured by the pectoral muscles but at the same time the lower part that appeared will be above the muscles make the bottom rounded The upper part that will be covered by the pectoral muscles will not find the edge of the silicone

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