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How Do You Answer a Customer Using Social Media Examples?

How do you answer a customer using social networking sites? A few examples are provided below. In Facebook, for example, you can reply to a customer’s tweets or post a direct message (DM) to them. If you’re tweeting, however, make sure you acknowledge mentions by name. If your customer mentions your company on Twitter, acknowledge the mention by name. If you’re using Twitter as your primary customer service channel, assign employees to handle the social media accounts. In addition, post availability hours and contact information.

If your customers are impatient, a canned response may be in order. Or, you can respond to a negative tweet with a positive message. In both cases, respond to the customer in a timely manner and try to make them feel that your company cares. By making the interaction as positive as possible, you will boost your customer’s brand sentiment. Customers are often more likely to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues if you respond quickly and efficiently.

Remember that your social media responses should match your brand’s voice. Don’t be funny or sarcastic! It’s okay to display personality on social media. Use emojis or GIFs. Use humor sparingly. And don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. A positive response encourages interaction in the future. Conversely, negative responses require more caution and sensitivity.

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