How to advance facial care for men?

Regular facials are also important to men. whether it is enough rest Using various skin care to seeing a specialist to poke and add to make it look good. But as you get older, what follows are work obligations. As a result, getting enough rest for a clear face becomes difficult. As for seeing a doctor to lift and tighten the handsome, it can’t last forever. Choosing facial care products to meet various problems On the advanced face (Advance), it is a solution that is easy and suitable for investment.

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Nowadays, the use of facial care products is not just about using a face wash followed by a moisturizer. But big and big brands equally design products that focus on new innovations. and special ingredients That will help take your bedtime skincare routine to the next level. It’s no different than adding toppings to your favorite pizza.

  1. Scrub your face once a week.

Cleansing your face with facial cleanser alone is not enough. Because sometimes our pores are blocked by dead skin cells. Which blocks the way skin care products can’t penetrate into different layers of the skin, so results are not seen. Using a scrub is like opening a way for the skin to work more efficiently. Just using it once a week is enough. And should choose a scrub that is fine or small to reduce the injury of the skin when rubbing. You should also use your hands to rub as gently as possible. (You can use only your ring finger and little finger)

  1. Should use toner before skin care.

This is a very important item for oily or acne prone skin. Because toner is the final cleaning step after washing your face. To help remove dirt that remains in the pores that can cause acne and excess sebum. and adjust the facial skin to be ready for maintenance Absorb skin care into the skin better. Just drop the toner on a cotton pad and wipe your face thoroughly without rinsing.

  1. Always label the eye cream or eye serum under the eyes.

Not getting enough rest can result in dark circles around the eyes and are difficult to heal on their own. It’s best to nourish this area before bedtime after using a toner. To make the dark skin around the eyes look lighter. Using the little finger or ring finger to touch the eye cream or eye serum. Then tap it into the area around the eyes on both sides. along with massage and spread as gently as possible (because the skin around the eyes is more delicate than other parts It’s also easy to get wrinkles) from the inner corner of the eye to the corner of the eye, with special emphasis on the tip of the eye. until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin around the eyes

  1. Choose a serum with retinol.

If the serum you are using is still not satisfied. Try switching to a retinol-containing serum. Retinol is a substance in the retinoid family and retinoids are derivatives. Of vitamin A (Vitamin A), which vitamin A helps in helping to slow down the aging process. But retinol is special in that it stimulates the production of collagen on the skin to be flexible. Create new skin cells and reduce wrinkles. It also helps to reduce acne breakouts because this substance can inhibit the production of oil under the skin layer as well.

Retinol-rich serums are only suitable for use during the night. And should not be used in conjunction with skincare that contains vitamin C (Vitamin C) that helps clear skin. because it will reduce the efficiency of each other blinding results

  1. Use the mask from time to time.

Using a mask to nourish your face is considered to be a more advanced facial treatment. Especially people around the cheeks are dry and red until the skin burns. The masks in the market are available in both a jar and a sheet that are very popular. Some types can be left on the face all night (Sleeping mask), but others need to be washed off or discarded after use. So you should read carefully how to use each mask. including the amount of time that should be left on the face After use, use your fingers to gently massage. around the face to allow various substances to be absorbed into the skin


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