Why is Anatomy Important in Public Health?

In the past, anatomists have used wax models and skeletons to teach their students about human bodies. Many of these models are now displayed in museums. Anatomists have also used microscopes to view cells and organs thousands of times larger than life. But why is anatomy important in public health? And what can it teach us about the human body? Let’s look at a few of the reasons.

Gross anatomy is the study of biological structures that the naked eye can see, such as bones and organs. It may involve dissection or other non-invasive methods. In gross anatomy, students learn about the major systems of the body, including the ways in which these systems interact and work. Microscopic anatomy, also called histology, focuses on the cells and tissues of the body and how they work together.

While anatomists don’t have to be medical students to teach anatomy, the field of public health needs more such workers. This is one of the main reasons why anatomy education is so important in medicine. Aside from the medical field, the study of human anatomy is important for other health professionals. Physical therapists, physician assistants, and occupational therapists all rely on the knowledge gained in anatomy.

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Anatomists divide the human body into ten basic systems. The skeletal system comprises the bones, cartilage, and joints. The muscular system includes the muscles and nerves, which control how the body moves and breathes. The respiratory system comprises the lungs, nose, and trachea. The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels. Each of these organs and systems functions differently.

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